Leading bourse BSE on Wednesday said it will introduce compulsory auto cancellation of trade related software feature for prevention of trade reversals in stocks exclusively available on the platform from September 28.

The same feature has already been implemented in equity derivatives, currency derivatives and commodity derivatives.

The move is part of the exchange’s effort to maintain and enhance market integrity and safeguard investor interest, BSE said in a statement.

Earlier, BSE had proactively introduced a functionality of PAN-based self trade prevention check across all segments and PAN-based Reversal Trade Prevention Check (RTPC) in equity derivatives, currency derivatives and commodity derivatives segments.

These measures were intended to prevent potential cases of self-trades and trade reversals from taking place on the exchange trading platform.

“BSE is now introducing RTPC in BSE exclusive stocks sub-segment in equity segment with effect from Monday, September 28,” the exchange said.

The check will be made applicable to stocks exclusively available for trading on BSE trading platform under X, XT, Z, P, Y, ZP and ZY groups, it added.

With this, BSE is currently the only exchange to implement both self trade prevention check and reversal trade prevention check on PAN number basis across all its segments.

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