High-Temperature Filters
Product Features
Max. Operating Temperature: 300℃
Compact box construction, ultrafine glass fibre and frame completely seal combination
Thin aluminum foil separator design, smooth air flow
Low pressure drop, high dust holding capacity, long service life
Efficiency class: F6, F7, F8, etc. 

Product Description
The filter paper of the HV company from U.S.A is used as the fiter media. After the filter paper bended by the machine, the square of the air inlet side make the airflow vertically through the filter paper effectively and make the construction resistance lower and so reduce the fan energy consumption effectively.
The aluminum foil as a piece of the corrugated separators effectively prevent the filter being punctured after the special crimping processing.
air exit side air inlet side
The aluminum mesh protect the air exit side and the inlet side and the ribs of the air exit side further strengthen the intensity of the filter.

Filter Media: glass fibre
Frame: galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, stainless steel
Separator: aluminum foil
Board: double-sided galvanized sheet
Sealing Gasket: round rope of glass fibre

Using Condition
Max. Operating Temperature: 300℃
Max. Operating Relative Humdity: 100% RH (Non-condensing state)

Mainly used in the equipment and systems of the high-temperature air purification such as bake oven, paint production line.
Some high-temperature purification, process equipment and some special high-temperatre air supply systems, such as Pharmacy, Medical, Chemical and other industries.
Specially designed for automobile painting drying tunnel


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