A Leeds firm has landed a six-figure contract to provide specialist engineering services for one of the largest automotive logistics centres in the UK.

Civil and structural engineers RWO, based in Park Place, has secured the work to support the new Rockingham Logistics Hub at the former Rockingham Speedway site near Corby in the East Midlands.

This is a 250-acre site with planning for end-to-end automotive processing, which when open will have storage capacity for 50,000 cars along with several vehicle maintenance buildings and 40,000 sq ft of office space.


The contract involves re-evaluating the plans for the vehicle maintenance buildings, which are being built on a concrete raft specifically designed by RWO to replace the original cost prohibitive piled solution, spreading the load of the building over a wider area.

It also includes the preparation of designs and supplying a package of engineering services to ensure a successful structural infrastructure build programme, which is due for completion in spring 2021.

The news comes as RWO, which has maintained a resilient performance in the face of economic uncertainties caused by the pandemic, continues to build on planned strategic growth, which sees revenues exceed turnover forecast of £1.75m in the past 12 months.

Head of RWO Leeds, Andrew Fairburn, said: “This is another high-profile project working to create one of the UK’s foremost independent automotive logistics centre.

“It’s great to be involved, reflecting the skills and expertise available in the region to support multi-million pound national investment projects.

“We have a very healthy forward order book and expect to see further national contract success and expansion over the next 12 months.”

Alan Cooper, director at contractors Core Special Projects, said: “We are working in close partnership with the RWO team to develop a successful engineering solution.

“They have the skills and experience to deliver service and quality for this important project, which will benefit so many in the local area.”

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