• New OE FIX pre-pressed axles for Toyota trucks and SUVs make axle repairs faster and easier, reducing the need for expensive shop equipment and saving auto care shops significant time.
  • New OE FIX DEF heaters for popular diesel trucks feature exclusive design improvements to help prevent future failures.
  • More than 60 aftermarket-exclusive parts include a transmission oil cooler hose assembly for 2.6 million General Motors pickups and an upgraded coolant connector for more than 15 million
    vehicles on the road.

COLMAR, Penn., Oct. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dorman Products, Inc. (NASDAQ:DORM) is announcing today the release of more than 230 new replacement auto parts, giving repair shops and vehicle
owners greater freedom to fix cars and trucks with innovative and trustworthy solutions.

This month Dorman is continuing to grow its line of OE FIX pre-pressed axles, with two new parts (926-141 and 926-142) for nearly 700,000 Toyota and Lexus SUVs. These exclusive
solutions take the hassle out of repairing worn wheel bearings, eliminating the need to press out bearings and reassemble components. They are specifically designed to make work faster and more
predictable for service technicians.

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