Ford Motor Co. finished first with the Ford Ranger in a study that ranks a vehicle’s American makeup.

The Ranger knocked out last year’s victors, the Chevrolet Corvette and Volt, in the 2020 Kogod Made in America Auto Index, which measures U.S. and Canadian content in vehicles.

But General Motors still finished first this year in total domestic content among manufacturers.

“Introduced last year after an eight-year hiatus, this year’s Ranger now boasts a US-sourced engine, as well as a jump in US/Canadian parts content from 50 to 70 percent,” the index said. “Its domestic content score is 85 compared to its score of 61 in 2019.”

In second place, by 2 points, was the automatic transmission-equipped Chevrolet Camaro.

Vehicle score includes profit, labor, R&D, inventory and capital, engine, and body interior electrical.

The study uses data from the American Automobile Labeling Act, which combines U.S. and Canadian content into one number.

“The rule permits an automaker to take a part that might only have 70 percent to round up to 100 percent U.S./Canadian,” Frank DuBois, director of the study, told Automotive News.
There were 372 vehicles in the index. Among them, 73 tied for last place, ranking 101st with a score of 1.

GM secured the top two spots in 2019, with the Chevrolet Corvette and Volt both scoring 84. The Corvette moved down to third this year, with a 2-point reduction.

Meanwhile, DuBois said several Tesla models moved up into the top 10, mainly because of more access to information.

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