AKRON—Goodyear, long known for its tires, is now launching a full line of braking components, initially through the online marketplace.

Goodyear-brand brake pads, rotors and calipers, produced mostly in the U.S. by FDP Friction Science of Tappahannock, Va., will be available to consumers via goodyearbrakes.com.

The company said it eventually will create a dealer portal for professional installers.

“Goodyear brakes was created to address a critical need in the automotive aftermarket for a trusted brand of high quality brake pads and bundles, all backed by a national warranty,” said Wally McCarty, senior vice president of business development for Goodyear Brakes.

Why introduce a brake line now?

“There is a tremendous opportunity for a trusted brand of braking components in the market today,” McCarty said. “There is a shift in people’s driving habits as they steer away from public transportation and air travel. …

“Used car sales continue to be strong and the average age of the vehicle is approximately 12 years old. Both of these factors will drive the need for replacement brake pads and systems,” he said. “As vehicles become more complex, so do the braking systems, creating a growth opportunity for a more technologically advanced brake offering.”

Goodyear initially is targeting DIYers, noting that more consumers are doing vehicle maintenance work at home during the pandemic.

The brake pads and bundles are designed for corrosion resistance and long wear for cars, CUVs, SUVs and light trucks, according to Goodyear.

The pads are produced in the U.S. and available with ceramic lining for passenger, CUV and minivans to offer low noise, low brake dust and long lining life; and with carbon ceramic brake lining for light trucks, large SUVs and severe-duty service vehicles for stopping heavy vehicles and vehicles that tow trailers.

The high-performance brake rotors feature a propriety Antiox Max coating for rust and corrosion protection.

The high-performance brake calipers are pressure-tested to prevent leaks and also feature the Antiox Max coating . They are remanufactured in North America to match OEM requirements.

The Goodyear Brakes website offers videos for selection and installation tips for DIY and DIFM customers. Once a product is selected, customers can place their orders through Amazon.com, CarID.com, AutoAnything.com and BuyBrakes.com.

Goodyear said it will soon be launching a Goodyear Brakes storefront on Amazon.com.

When asked about whether tire dealerships will be stocking and selling the brake products, McCarty said: “Currently our model is all online. … It’s very possible you could go into a Goodyear Tire & Auto Center, if you bought this product online, and have them install it for you. That is certainly an option and we’d love to build that relationship as we continue to move forward.

“We are planning to have a dealer portal, so it’s going to be more of a professional portal to be able to address those installation opportunities.”

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