Dear Internet Manager;

For more than 25 years The Auto Channel®, the Internet’s original interactive editorial automotive web site has published what many agree is the web’s best independent editorial automotive content.

With your eyes to the future, I am sure that you recognize that adding exclusive content elements to your dealer site will be a big step in converting it into a “full service” sticky web site. In addition to in-place e-commerce, your site will also serve deep, relevant, historic and helpful editorial and instructional information that can enhance your dealership’s current efforts.

Research shows that on-line consumer relationships solidify when sites deliver a total end-to-end on-line encounter, one that includes both improved transactional opportunities and relevant curated automotive editorial.

Imagine for only $985 per month being able to go “full-service” by having a republication subscription to hundreds of thousands of automotive articles, historic data and presentation tools that you can easily include in your dealership website.

Increase closing rate by having access to tools and data in your subscription that can create “vehicle comparisons” side by side information that buyers need to see. As an example click on the link below to see a live used car comparison of a 2017 Hyundai Sonata vs.2017 Honda Accord vs 2017 Nissan Altima vs 2017 Toyota Camry. COMPARE

Competition for site visitors is going to get even more competitive. CarMax America’s number one used car dealer understands the power of presenting a full-service site to shoppers, so they recently invested $450 Million dollars purchasing,

According to Bill Nash, CarMax president and CEO; Edmunds proprietary content, comprehensive automotive market insights and streamlined user experience across the car buying and selling journey will allow us to deepen our engagement with customers shopping online.

But unlike Edmunds content which will be used to directly compete with your dealer’s site, we envision The Auto Channel’s 26 years of content becoming a competitive element within thousands of local dealership web sites (one market dealer per brand at a subscription fee of $985 monthly.)

The CarMax deal has set the bar for the valuation of similar automotive content and research sites like ours. Today after 26 years of cash-flow funding we are adjusting our financial plans to recognize, that unlike in the past, we cannot generate sufficient capital from our ad driven business model to fund our new initiative.

As of this moment we are in the process of learning whether Internet Managers like you think an affordable monthly content subscription is something viable. If it is as appealing as we think it is, obtaining outside capital to fund a marketing entity for our million pages of content will be easy.

Imagine offering a “newsstand” of updated daily automotive news and a “main library” containing hundreds of thousands of historic and evergreen multi-media automotive articles, automotive content to insure a competitive stickiness of your digital sales point.

With 26 years of already paid for automotive content, our low subscription cost will insure that our content concept will become profitable for all involved.

If you are interested in subscribing or have questions or comments please let me know. [email protected]

Bob Gordon, President

The Auto Channel

332 West Broadway ‘

Louisville, KY 40202