Save $200 off the iRobot Roomba i6+ with automatic dirt disposal with this huge Prime Day deal. This self-emptying robot vacuum automatically deposits debris into its base, so you don’t have to worry about inhaling the debris or making a mess. WiFi connectivity, Alexa, Smart Mapping technology and pet-friendly features are just some of this Roomba’s perks.

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The real draw of this Roomba vacuum is that it comes with a self-emptying base, which means that it automatically docks and discards the contents of its dust bin. The base can hold up to 60 days’ worth of debris. Anti-allergen bags trap dust, dirt and other particles to keep the air around your home that much cleaner. This Roomba also finds its way back to its dock when the battery is low, then picks up where it left off when it’s ready.

Last year’s popular Roomba model was the iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550), which is on sale again this year for $200 off. The i6+ is similar in many ways, although it’s slightly cheaper and has a bit more edge when it comes to learning about you and your habits. As the i6+ settles into its new home, it will work on getting to know your voice and your cleaning habits. Once it’s confident, the vacuum will begin to offer personalized cleaning schedules and will start a cleaning session at your command.

If you have pets, i6+ will suggest additional cleanings when your pet is shedding more. The Roomba will also suggest additional cleanings when pollen counts are high, which is a handy feature for allergy sufferers. Not only is this Roomba WiFi-enabled, it also works with Google Home and Alexa devices for your convenience.

Many pet owners gravitate towards Roomba models for their powerful suction and pet-friendly features. The i6+ comes with two multi-surface brushes that never lose contact with your hard floors or carpets for optimal cleaning. Pet fur and hair also won’t get tangled in the brushes. As the vacuum makes its way around your home, its high-efficiency filter traps nearly all cat and dog allergens.

So, how does the Roomba i6+ compare to other iRobot Roomba models? It matches the same 10x suction power found in the i3+ and i7 models, which means that power is increased about 10 times for maximum suction. However, the s9+ features 40x suction power, making it the champion when it comes to cleaning carpets.

All Roomba cleans in methodical and neat rows, so you don’t have to wonder whether it’s missed a spot. As with its siblings, the i6+ has advanced navigation to keep it from colliding with furniture and other obstacles. The higher-level i7+ and s9+ models allow you to choose certain rooms or areas to clean, but you won’t find that feature on the i3+ or i6+ models. However, all of the Roomba “+” models offer whole-home navigation and cleaning.

Need a quick summary? Here’s why the iRobot Roomba i6+ could be right for you:

  • Self-emptying dust bin
  • Alexa and Google Home connectivity
  • Lots of pet-friendly features
  • Smart navigation technology for efficient cleaning

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