Lotus is upgrading its Hethel headquarters with a multi-million-pound investment as part of the company’s rejuvenated strategy under the wings of Geely.

The new upgrades are designed to grow Lotus Engineering, the consultancy division of the company, and include numerous all-new and upgraded engineering test facilities, as well as a facelift for the carmaker’s own test track.

One of the highlights is the all-new Electric Drive Unit (EDU) test cell, which will allow engineers to test EV powertrains and their supporting electronics as if they were in a vehicle.

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Lotus is also upgrading its test and development cells for internal combustion engines, their Propulsion Prototype build workshop, and the vehicle emissions lab.

“We see huge potential to put Lotus Engineering right at the cutting edge of automotive innovation, further building on our core competencies as well as increasing our capability in growth areas,” said Matt Windle, Executive Director of Lotus Engineering. “What we continue to learn on the Lotus Evija all-electric hypercar program creates knowledge and experience which we can use to help other businesses.”

Lotus’ own test track at Hethel has also been updated with new protective trackside barriers, new safety systems that include an upgraded entrance/exit barrier control system, improved fire protection around the circuit and new CCTV cameras for full track visibility.

Earlier this year, Lotus Engineering announced that their new home will be on the Wellesbourne campus of the University of Warwick as part of the company’s brand new advanced technology center.

Lotus Engineering has been around for 40 years, providing a wide range of technical services to automakers and suppliers. While most of its work and its clients remain confidential, Lotus Engineering is responsible for a number of iconic cars, including the Lotus Cortina, the Lotus Carlton, the Lotus Sunbeam, and more.

The latest investment comes in addition to a new manufacturing facility that will assemble a new Lotus model starting next year, in addition to the new assembly hall that’s dedicated to the upcoming Evija electric hypercar.

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