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Odisha Man Turns His Auto-rickshaw into a Memory of His Village with Grass, Birds and Fish

The coronavirus pandemic has brought in multiple changes in the way people lived earlier. With transport having faced a major hit due to the lockdown, there have been many viral images of autorickshaw drivers who have transformed their vehicles to mini-homestays or a space with all the necessities needed to keep the virus at bay.

In a recent example, an auto-rickshaw driver from Odisha’s Bhubaneshwar has converted his vehicles into a mini-garden decorated with plants, aquarium, cages with birds and rabbits.

Sujit Digal, who hails from a village called Kandhamal, says this transformation reflects his village life which he misses.

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Speaking to ANI, he said, “I hail from a village in Kandhamal and I miss my native place. I feel suffocated in this big city.”

Unable to visit his village quite often, Digal came up with this idea of renovating his vehicle in such a way, that it gives him enough village vibes to get going with the city life.

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However, Digal’s modification of his vehicle didn’t quite go down well with netizens, who opposed the idea of having animals caged inside because of his own satisfaction.

The world at present is witnessing many bizarre and new inventions to cope up with a time gripped by the coronavirus pandemic. In another example, an auto-rickshaw driver in Kerala has installed a hand washing system with a soap dispenser inside his vehicle to ensure sanitisation, which has become the need of the hour.

A viral video of the same shows how the driver encourages all his passengers to first wash their hands before hopping into the auto.

The video’s popularity also caught the attention of Indian business Harsh Goenka, who took to Twitter to also share the video. Captioning it, he said, “Auto rickshaw with hand washing and sanitizer facilities #CoronaInnovation.”

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