Perhaps you, like I do, keep an Instantly Rich list. It’s a running tally of all the things I’d upgrade—the new basics I wouldn’t flinch at buying—were I to suddenly become limitlessly, unfathomably, send-me-to-the-guillotine wealthy. This isn’t quite stuff on the order of A Big House or A Very Fancy Car. It’s more along the lines of exquisite sheets, or the baseball caps celebrities wear as pretend disguises. You know: the finer things you don’t think about much during the day, the sort of stuff you didn’t even know rich people had their own versions of.

Very near the top of that list is knitwear from The Elder Statesman, the label that’s been making absolutely next-level cashmere goods since 2007. Lucky for you, the brand just launched its first-ever archive sale, making the typically unattainable ever so slightly doable, maybe, for a least a few days.

The Elder Statesman kicked off more than a decade ago as a line of ultra-cuddly cashmere blankets. Rather quickly, founder Greg Chait kicked things up a notch, and then a few dozen more: first sweaters, then tie-dyed sweaters, and patchwork robes, and hats and socks, all crafted from the kind of wool I was pretty sure only Tom Cruise had access to. Of course, it costs a lot to feel this good; prices typically run over a grand, which is rather a lot for a sweater. And while you don’t have to live in Chait’s wicked-cool Malibu trailer park to score the goods, you’re typically going to see a lot more of his gear in places like that than anywhere else. (Jason Sudeikis is a fan.)

Until now. The brand’s throwing an archive sale through the end of the week, adding new goods daily. And the mix is pretty serious: a Rothko of a sweater for half off, with matching woolen sweats. An absolutely torqued shawl-collar smoking jacket, built more for smoking toad venom than Marlboros. And a number of pairs of cashmere socks that might as well have been purpose-built for fall and winter during a pandemic.

If you’re going to be stuck inside this winter, you might as well do it in style—and if everything is just sweatpants now, well, no one said your sweatpants couldn’t be extremely fancy. Your chance to cross “very fancy sweater” off your own Instantly Rich List runs through Friday, September 18th.

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Elder Statesman Archive Gradient Heavy Sweatpants

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Elder Statesman Archive Stripe Italy Smoking Jacket

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Elder Statesman Archive Trouser Sock

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