The University of Texas announced Wednesday that it will not change its threshold for automatic admissions for students looking to enroll during the fall and summer semesters in 2022.

Any Texas student who finishes in the top 6% of their high school graduating class will be automatically admitted, in accordance with state law. The same threshold was instituted for students matriculating in spring, summer and fall semesters in 2021 by university officials last year.

Texas law requires most public institutions of higher education in the state to automatically admit any Texas high school student who finishes in the top 10% of their graduating class, but the flagship campus in Austin has a different requirement.

UT is required to set an annual threshold for automatic admission, so long as 75% of first-year students applying from within the state of Texas are automatically admitted to the school.

In 2017, the university dropped its threshold from 7% to 6%, citing the state’s growing population and an increase in applicants.

Since then, automatic admissions have been limited to the top 6% of graduating high school classes.

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